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Grimoire with screws

Version française

Many had asked me for it, but as I didn’t found a good method, I couldn’t do it.

I found, not long ago, a way to make books of magic spells with a binding for screw. They exist only in the size A4 and can contain 5cm of sheets.

But, because the spine is flexible, you can change the screws of 5cm by smaller screws. (1cm minimum)

The space between screws corresponds to the sheets(A4) sold in store. You can also print your sheets and put them in your grimoire.

The grimoire with screw that I made can’t accept the plastic sheets (they are too big) but I can make it on request.

To sale :

Grimoire à vis Kristell en cuir rose et blanc

Grimoire Kristell

Grand grimoire à vis en cuir vert et marron, le Praetextat

Grimoire Praetextat

Grand grimoire à vis en cuir vert et marron, le Alaric

Grimoire Alaric

Grand grimoire à vis en cuir, Grimoire Illtud

Grimoire Illtud

Grand grimoire à vis en tissu marron, le Mummol

Grimoire Mummol

Grimoire à vis en cuir brun foncé et marron Maelch

Grimoire Maelch





Old models :



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