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Version Française

You’re looking for a book of magic spells but you don’t find what you want ?

You can contact me, i might be able to help you !

Here are some customizations :


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Fake grimoire

Version Française

Here we are, I created false books of magic spells. They can serve as decoration on a table or to put some objects (key, pen, paper) in it.

They exist in A4 and A5 size :

Faux grimoire en similicuir

Faux grimoire Eloi

Faux grimoire en tissu velours

Faux grimoire Hélinie

Faux grimoire en tissu taupe velours

Faux grimoire Justine

Faux grimoire en tissu

Faux grimoire Agnes

Grimoire boîte

Fake grimoire Tiphaine

Grand faux grimoire en tissu

Fake grimoire Eric






Faux grimoire A5

Fake grimoire Alistair

Faux grimoire A5

Fake grimoire Melchior

Faux grimoire A5

Fake grimoire de magie


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Welcome to « Les grimoires d’Isobel »

Version Française

My shop : Les Grimoires d’Isobel

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Hello and thank you for visiting my blog.

This blog was made for people who want an book of magic spells for them, to offer or who wish to make one.

The grimoire (or book of magic spells) were, originally, book where people used to write recipes of potions, spells and the other knowledge of the Occult, but nowadays, they can have other utilities. It is up to each to make what he wishes.

The grimoire, you’ll find on this blog, can serve as well as esoteric book, book of the shadows, book of magic but also as cookbook, album-photo, wedding book, visitors’ book, journey diary, personal diary …

They exist in several sizes : Big, Medium-sized, Small and Other. But you can try to make it bigger or smaller.

You’ll find here my creations which you can buy on my shop  » Les grimoires d’ Isobel  » but I also sell all the material to create a book of magic spells.

You can also make yours, I made a tutoriel « How to make a grimoire », to help create your own.

And I hope, you’ll come here to share your creations, your setbacks and your discoveries (you can recreate my grimoire to create yours, since you don’t make it in a commercial purpose)

If you need more information, don’t hesitate to contact me. (My english isn’t verry good but i do my best to answer you)

Have a great visit …




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