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Des grimoires vierges au format A4

Big Grimoire

Version Française

The big books of magic spells are generally used to put all the knowledge in esotericism but some of the grimoire already sold served as wedding golden book.

Covered with tissue or with leather, they have a size of 21x30cm.

Here are my creations: (clic on picture to have more informations)

For sale :

Grimoire Nawel

Grimoire Maelkon

Grimoire Richilde

Grimoire Aurèle

Grimoire Enimia

Grimoire Ildibad

Grimoire Aurore

Grimoire Agnès

Grand grimoire en cuir kaki clair, motifs géométrique, Boeces

Grimoire Viteric

Grand grimoire en cuir kaki clair, arbre, Viteric

Grimoire Boece

Grimoire Audulff

Grimoire Theodoze en cuir vert et marron

Grimoire Theodoze

Grand grimoire en tissu et cuir marron : Amolaric

Grimoire Amolaric

Grimoire Lubin en cuir fushia et noir

Grimoire Lubin

Grand grimoire vierge violet : L'Agatha

Grimoire Agatha

Grand grimoire patchwork de cuir

Grimoire Abbassa

Grimoire Theodora en cuir noir et rouge

Grimoire Theodora

Old models :


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