How to create your block

22 Avr

Comment faire un bloc pour grimoire

Here is a tutorial to realize the block of sheets of your future grimoire.
It’s the simplest and the fastest method which I know but if you know an other one, don’t hesitate to tell me 😉

The material :

  • Sheets of paper (A3, A4 or A5 according to the size chosen for your grimoire*)
  • some glue
  • muslin or tarlatane (to strengthen the back of your block)
  • two endpaper (but not compulsory)

*you’ll have to fold sheets of paper  to make your block, so you have to choose the sheets bigger than your grimoire :
If your grimoire’s in the size A4 you’ll take sheets in the size A3
If your grimoire’s in the size A5 you’ll take sheets in the size A4
If your grimoire’s in the size A6 you’ll take sheets in the size A5

The realization :

1 – Fold pages

As the title indicates it, you just have to fold pages in two (folding them by 5 goes faster 😉 )

Add your endpapers in front and back of your block (the endpaper is the first page you will see when you’ll open your grimoire, you can put an endpaper or not, do it according to your taste:))

For this example I used an thick endpaper (lokta paper)

faire un bloc (2)

2 – Glue

Take your block and bang the back of the block on the table to make sure that all the sheets are well aligned

faire un bloc (3)

glue your block and make sure to press with the brush to let the gue in (don’t put too much glue)

faire un bloc (4)

Let dry 2 min before putting your block between two cardboards

faire un bloc (6)

Put a weight above to prevent your block for buckling (happen when you put too much glue)

Let dry about ten minute before putting an other fine coat of glue

Again, let dry (I generally let dry a whole night to be sure but 4 hours should be enough)

3 – Cut down

This stage is not compulsory, you can leave your block like that.

Personally, I prefer when it is smooth and for it there is several method :
– Use a guillotine which can cut thick blocks, see the photo (if you don’t have one, some printers can make it for you)
– You can sand your block with a very fine sandpaper  (if you sand in the thickness of your block, edges will be very smooth, if you sand in the length, it’ll give an aspect old grimoire )


faire un bloc (9)

4 – Put the muslin

Cut a piece of muslin or tarlatane with one length lower than your block and a width bigger than the thickness of your block

For example: my block makes 20cm of length and 2cm of thickness my muslin makes 19cm of length and 3cm of width

faire un bloc (10)

Stick your muslin on the back of your block in a way that it’s stuck on both sides of your block

faire un bloc (11)

Let it dry and your block is done!

Now you just have  to create the cover of your grimoire !
I hope that all went well !
If you need a some information, don’t hesitate !
Thank you and see you soon.


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