How to Make a Grimoire

04 Août

Comment Fabriquer un Grimoire

There are numerous manners to bind a book and thus to create a book of magic spells.
I am going to share with you how i make my grimoire if you have problems by following my tutorial, do not hesitate to tell me.

1 – The Material : (you can find it on my website Les Grimoires d’Isobel)

Two cardboards of cover and a cardboard for the spine
A block of paper already glued (you can glue it by yourself but the width of the spine’s cardboard must be equal to the width of your paperblock)
Two internal sheetsand its two backing band
Some leather or some fabric(tissue) for covers and spine
Some glue for binding (or some glue in spray if you stick some fabric(tissue))
Decorations (hinges, pendants, bookmark)

2 – Tools:

A brush (rather synthetic)
A ruler
A lead pencil and a gum(eraser)
A cutter
A hammer
Table mats in cork to point,stick your decorations
A cutting pliers to cut nails
Two weights (conjoint boxes, dictionaries)
A sponge or a wet fabric (to remove the glue on the leather and/or the hands)

3 – Creation of the book of magic spells:

I chose a grimoire covered with cloth in large format (see photo) but I shall mention if there are changes to make according to the size.

Grand grimoire vierge en tissu baroque blanc

Grimoire vierge Margot

1- Stick the fabric(tissue) (or the leather):

Glue the cardboard and position the fabric(tissue) (or the leather) as on the photo

Comment faire un grimoire


Stick the center and level the fabric(tissue) (or the leather) towards the outside then cut angles

Comment faire un grimoire

Glue the fabric(tissue) (or the leather) and pull down edges left and right then pull down the last side

Comment faire un grimoire

Take the fabric(tissue) (or the leather) for the spine and make sure it has the good size:




Size of the spine in leather or fabric

Width of the cardboard spine + 7,5cm

Width of the cardboard spine  + 6,5cm

Width of the cardboard spine  + 5,5cm

Stick the cardboard of the spine in the middle of the fabric(tissue) (or leather)




Size of §





Comment faire un grimoire

Glue the fabric(tissue) (or the leather) of spine and stick on the cover. Leave 7mm between the spine and the cover. Glue and pull down the top and the bottom of the spine on the cover.

Comment faire un grimoire

2- Decorate the cover(blanket):

It’s time for you to create the cover of your future book of magic spells.

Comment faire un grimoire

3- Place the bookmark and stick the block:

Put your ribbon in the middle of your block of paper and glue the upper end behind the block (on approximately 5 cms)
Glue the back of the block but avoid putting it too much on edges

Comment faire un grimoire

Place the block on the back of your cover, in the center and prop up the block between two weights upright
You make sure that it does not move and let dry it half a day

Comment faire un grimoire

4- Stick the backing bands and the internal pages:

Under one of the covers, put a support (ex: book) to be able to work more easily and stick the backing bands (half on the block and the other one on the cover)

Comment faire un grimoire

While you let it dry, take one of the internal sheets, you’ll have to pull down the edges of every sheet (the size correspond to the width and the length of your paper block)

Fabriquer un grimoire

Fold following the lines, glue the sheet and put it in the center of the cover

Comment faire un grimoire

Let dry your grimoire approximately 2 hours before making the other side otherwise you will have ungraceful folds

You finally ended when your grimoire is dry! You can then take advantage of your hard labour and let your close relations admire your creations!

I hope that you will manage to make your grimoire without tearing away your hair, or throwing your grimoire through the window!

If you need a further information, you can join me via my e-mail address and on my blog.

Thank you for your trust and i see you soon.



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